Wisdom for Business Leaders

They are the seven universal truths about life, most written about throughout the Scriptures.  These truths transform business, education, parenting and relationships.

Leading a business or corporation is challenging.  Wisdom can guide you.

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What People are Saying

“Profound Influence”

“Wanted you to know of the profound influence you have made on my life since we’ve connected around 7PW. I’m so grateful to you for your investment of time and the great resource God gave you to share. God is changing (and healing!) my heart. Moreover, He is teaching me to number my days. Thank you!”

J.C. , Corporate Executive

“Walk-the-Walk in Humility”

“The 7even Pillars of Wisdom has affected my life in good way. It has helped me to know how fear the Lord. It has also helped me to know God through His Word. The 7even Pillars of Wisdom, has helped me to walk the walk in humility. They have helped my faith while growing in the Word of God.”

Bruce B., College Student


“Before being introduced to the 7PW, I was just an ordinary thinker but once I get to know 7PW I became an extraordinary person in pursuit of Wisdom. The 7even Pillars are so broad! It has the power to change your way of thinking. You  will fall in love with them.”

Mondli, Coach & Founder of Hope United Boys Soccer Club

“Wisdom has built her house; she has set up its seven pillars.”

Proverbs 9:1

A Message From CEO, Richard Woods

7Pillars of Wisdom Bootcamp


“Getting wisdom is the most important thing you can do.”

King Solomon, Proverbs 4:7