About US


While most of humanity continues to exchange the truth about God for a lie, and so worship and serve created things rather than the one true God…


the 7even Pillars of Wisdom plead with humanity to recognize the truth!



Which Truth…? 



The truth that we are not evolved, rather we are created beings designed by God in God’s own image and likeness.

The truth that death is not the end of life. Rather that death is the consequence of sin, but our spirits live on.

The truth that our human spirit, created by God the moment of our conception, will exist with or without God for eternity.

The truth that we are held accountable by our Creator for our every thought, word and action from birth to death. 


The Vision

The 7even Pillars of Wisdom urgently cry out to all humanity. They urge us all to Respect God, Trust God, Seek God & Wisdom, Practice Humility, Practice Integrity, Practice Justice and to Practice Generosity.

These seven universal truths, these 7even Pillars of Wisdom, are a gift to us from God pointing the way and showing us how to love God and neighbor in a manner pleasing to God.

They will orient us in a manner that leads us to God. They correctly align our character, our personality and our behavior with God’s.  Each of the 7even Pillars of Wisdom come with promises from God and many associated blessings for those who choose to practice them.

So, if we come to recognize the universal truth of these 7even Pillars of Wisdom, we are hearing Wisdom herself calling to us.  Calling us to inscribe these 7 universal truths of Wisdom on the tablets of our hearts. 



How We Began

7even Pillars, Inc is a training company founded in 2020 by Richard Woods, a business executive from Atlanta, Georgia.

The mission of 7even Pillars is to provide a variety of training and learning resources to help others apply and mature the 7even Pillars of Wisdom in their daily lives.

A Message From CEO, Richard Woods

If we consistently strive to Respect God, Trust God, Seek God and Wisdom, Practice Humility, Integrity, Justice, and Generosity, we orient our lives and priorities in a way that enables us to genuinely love God and our neighbors.

Richard Woods

CEO, 7even Pillars, Inc